Fennel Seeds

Indian Fennel Seeds and Powder

  • Fennel is a flowering plant species in the carrot family. Fennel seeds are the small dried fruits of the fennel plant, which is also eaten as a vegetable (bulb) and herb (fronds)
  • Ground fennel seeds are popularly used as a spice in several cuisines all across the world due to its sweet and grassy flavour
  • Native to southwest Asia and the Mediterranean, although India produced 60% of the world output of fennel
  • Fennel seeds can be used whole or powdered and are commonly used in pickles.

Form Available :- Fennel Seed green ,Sugar coated fennel seed and Fennel Powder.

Quality :-Singapore 98%, semi-Europe 99%,  USA quality.

Packing : 25kg/50 kg PP Bag , 50kg Jute Bag or as per customer requirement.

Origin : India

specification :- Moisture 10% max, Extraneious matter 1.2% max, Broken damaged 1.2% max.

Genivo Global is a leading Indian Exporter of Fennel seeds and powder from India.

We are dealing in all type of seeds producing in India, like Fenugreek Seeds, Cumin Seeds. All our products are free from artificial colour and preservatives and we do lab test of spices like Sudan, Aflatoxin as per global standards that also meet national and SGS standards.